Congratulations – You’ve decided to narrate your own book.

Here are some specifications and helpful tips to ensure your file can be distributed to our partners.

Recording Your Audiobook

Audio Format

  • Your recordings can be no more than 120 minutes in length. If necessary, split the file into segments that meet this requirement.
  • Opening credits must include the title and author name(s).
  • If your book has chapters, include the chapter number or chapter title as you reach that point in the book.
  • Closing credits must indicate the completion of the book (e.g. “The End”).

Technical Requirements

  • All audio must be human-narrated, resulting in a mp3 file.
  • Minimum recording bit rate = 192kbs; sample rate = 44.1 kHz.
  • Each file must contain 1 second of silence (room tone) at the end of the file, after narration concludes.
  • The Root-Mean-Square (RMS) for each file must measure between -23dB and -18dB, with peak values below -3dB, and a maximum -60dB floor.
  • The file must not contain any external sounds or effects (door opening, pages turning, etc.).

Please let us know if you have any questions during this process.