b'Acknowledgments W hilespacelimitationspreventmefromthanking everyone who helped me with my book, I express a heartfelt thank you to:Rick Bates and all at CrossLink for believing in me as an au-thor and for all their gracious, excellent work and assistance in the editing and publication process.Mindy Reed for her expert developmental and traditional ed-iting of my completed draft manuscript and for her support before I submitted it for potential publication.Nicole Villalpando at the Austin American-Statesman for her longtime support, editing, and consistent encouragement to keep on writing.The many Statesman column readers over the years who com-plimentedmywriting,expressedappreciationforoffering input on faith-related issues, and encouraged me to compile them and write this book.All of my Baylor Law students over the years. They challenged mewiththeirintellectandquestions,empoweredmewith their interest in the subject matter, pushed me to stay a step aheadofthem,providedhelpfulinput,andmademework tocommunicateeffectivelyacrossgenerations,whileutiliz-ing my traditional approach toward teaching. Hopefully they made me a better teacher, which in turn made me a better and more careful writer.'