b'2WALT SHELTONAllcurrentandformermembersoftheJourneyclasswho shareafaithandlifejourneyeachweektogether,digging deeply into important issues, listening respectfully to one an-other, and learning from differences of opinion.My brother Rusty for his comments on many pre-Statesman columnpublicationswithanunparalleledgrammaticaland substantivecommandcombinedwithhislifeofauthentic faith.My son Rusty and all of the crew at Zilker Media for their expert guidance for a new book author unfamiliar with the intricacies of publication possibilities and dynamics and for their ideas and work in promoting my book.My daughter Courtney who complimented every one of my columns and strongly encouraged me to broaden my perspec-tivetoconsiderconceptsfromotherfaithtraditionswhile holding fast to my own.My wife Roxanne who read a prepublication draft of every col-umn and enhanced its practicality, quality, and understanding.Onamorepersonallevel,withthankfulnessfortheirpro-found impacts on my writing and never-ending love and ad-miration to:Myparents,JerryandCatherineShelton,whocrossedthe bridge to the brighter light of the next life way too early. From an early age, they instilled by example an inclusive, respect-ful, and inquiring reverence for the Bible and living out our Christian faith.My slightly older brother Rusty who has been my companion, advisor, friend, and example my entire life, including with his'