b'THE DAILY PRACTICE OF LIFE 3and his wife Julias vibrant and relationship-changing couples ministry, first in Atlanta and now in the Dallas area.Our grandchildren from oldest to youngestLuke, Brady, Bell, Chuck, and Sadiefor augmenting the quality of this wonder-ful grandparent life season and, when needed, restoring my perspective.Ourson-in-lawChadanddaughter-in-lawPaigeforloving and caring for our children, being great parents to our grand-children, and embracing me, my wife Roxanne, and all of our family.Our children, Rusty and Courtney, for their love, support, en-couragement, and special friendship now as adults, as well as demonstrating how to live qualitatively and with joy.Roxannemywife,bestfriend,andlifecompanionfor standing beside me always, unconditionally loving and caring for me, and showing me and anyone who crosses her path au-thentic faith in action every day.'