b'ForewordW hat does it mean to live a meaningful and fulfilling life as a Christian? Certainly worship and rituals play key roles, but the reality is that faith, char-acter, and meaning are built and nurtured in daily living and action, endeavoring to follow the life and teachings of Jesus in practical action now that is rooted in love and care for others and informed by our life experiences.We did not know it at the time, but our life experience with this kind of intentional living started early thanks to the model provided by our dad, Walt Shelton. He begins his daily routine far before the sun comes up. We remember his early mornings sipping coffee with our dog and reading, growing his faith and preparing for his many teaching obligations with diligence and care. His routine always includes exercise, time with us (es-pecially important when we were children) and, importantly, he never misses an opportunity to get together with someone he cares about, from fellow church members to old friends or students he continues to mentor.Healsomodeledintentionaldecisionsaboutwork,choos-ingademandingandsociallyrelevantcareerpathwith EnvironmentalLawbutworkingtowardabalancethatal-lowed him to be home for dinner at night. He lives mindfully, attendingtoothers,caringfortheenvironment,andhold-ing awareness of people in his life who he cares for and has lost.Dadcontinuestoremindusthatactionsspeaklouder than words and that faith grows as we live out the example of Jesus, rather than simply reading and talking about it. He also'