b'6WALT SHELTONreminds us that what we say matters, because we can never fully take it back. His legacy is a lot to live up to and some-thing we keep striving to attain. He serves as a model for hu-mility, generosity, and working toward greater social justice.This introduction would be insufficient without mentioning our mom, who also continues to teach us a tremendous amount about living well through service and awareness. Mom never metastranger.Throughoutourlives,shehasconsistently gone out of her way to serve people who are often ignored by others. Our parents form quite a team that has always been a model of Jesuss teachings about caring for our neighbors.As adults now, we continue to work to implement lessons we learn from both of our parents, especially the importance of family, faith, and putting our beliefs and principles into dai-ly practice. We may not get up as early as our dad, but we both incorporate many of his routines that help us live well, including service, exercise, and love of people and animals. Withbusyfamiliesandcareersofourown,ourdadsex-ample has been invaluable in showing us how to carve out a life that fits with the values that are most important to us. Rather than feeling like the years are flying by without us be-ing present, we have the gift of being mindful of all the ways we are blessed in life and how those blessings serve as a call-ing to put our feet to the pavement and help those around us.Dad started writing faith and life related newspaper articles forthe AustinAmerican-Statesman inMayof2009andhas had them regularly published since then. They touch people from a variety of faith backgrounds and belief systems, inspir-ing them to consider important issues and, more importantly, live better, both for themselves and the good of others. Dad is our example of how to create a more meaningful life through'