b'THE DAILY PRACTICE OF LIFE 7intention and routine, and, for readers, this book will serve as an inspiration for how to create your own routines based on what matters most to you.The chapters are brief to allow you to enjoy the book as an early-morning devotional or the basis of a faith/life related discussion group of any size. It also includes two appendices offering input and practical ideas related to the importance of intra-faith and interfaith small discussion groups. Dad draws from his experience leading such groups, including his over four decades leading his own Sunday School classes and other small discussion groups, including a vibrant interfaith group called Practical Faith that met in coffee shops for three years.In a nutshell,The Daily Practice of Lifeis a book for those who wanttotakeandimplementamoreintentionalandopen-minded approach to their faith and life journey. We are ex-cited you have chosen to pick it upwe hope Dads message is as meaningful to you as it has been to us. Courtney Morton and Rusty Shelton2020'