b'HAPTER3CAre Questions the Answer?The Kingdom and Inquisitive ChildrenA rewethereyet?Ourchildren,Rustyand Courtney, asked that and other questions a lot as kids, especially on family trips. I thought of that recently going north on IH-35 as I do each week for my work at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. As I sleepily entered Belton, I saw itthe billboard announces that Mother Someone (lets just call her Mama) has the answers to all of your questions. I suppose Mama patiently sits and fully answers all questions or reads palms, probably for a fee. Wow, Mama must be rich.Inmattersoffaith,however,arewespirituallyricherwith answerstohardquestionsorwithgreaterinquiry?Within the Christian tradition in the concise Gospel of Mark, Jesus announces that the kingdom of God is at hand to start his ministry and teachings (1:15). Later, Jesus welcomes children while his adult companions try to send them off. Maybe they asked too many questions! I can imagine Jesus smiling as the queries piled up, encouraging more inquiry and maybe occa-sionally hinting at a response. Jesus then tells us that the king-dom of God belongs to such children. The key here is not to split hairs over the meaning of the kingdom but to appreciate'