b'How can paying attention to real life experiences, intentionally focusing on the present, learning from our past, developing fresh habits, andHE AILY RACTICE OF IFE TDPLlistening to di!erent ideas enhance our faith journey and quality of life? Practical, authentic faith means actively loving others and pursuing justice daily, resulting in a meaningful life.Walt Shelton writes with a humanity that is refreshing in a world that can often leave folks feeling disconnected. He brings Christianity to his words in a way that feels inclusive of people of all faiths, yet hes very secure in his own religious tradition. Nicole Villalpando, Specialty Editor and Faith Editor, Austin American-StatesmanIn this gentle and deeply humane collection of essays, Walt Shelton draws upon his own life experiencesas son, grandson, brother, husband, dad and granddad, as well as student, lawyer, teacher, pen-pal, dog lover, and dedicated runner and golferto meditate upon the challenges and joys of daily life. Dr. Howard Miller, University of Texas, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus T HED AILYWhen you see the face of Walt Shelton, hear his voice, or read the pages of his book, you will know that you have met a man committed to making a di!erence in the lives of others.P RACTICE OFL IFERegardless of your faith tradition, you will nd a common experience in the personal stories he shares. Johnnie Overton and Susan Holman, Church Women UnitedPRACTICAL REFLECTIONS TOWARD MEANINGFUL LIVINGWalt Shelton is one of the most read faith columnists WALT SHELTONin Texas over the last decade. Grounded in history and religion degrees, a lifetime studying the Bible, and reection on experiences and other traditions, he has led Christian and inter-faith discussion groups for more than thirty years.RELIGION/CHRISTIAN LIFE/DEVOTIONALBY WALT SHELTON'