b'Praise for The Daily Practice of LifeWalt Shelton writes with a humanity that is refreshing in a worldthatcanoftenleavefolksfeelingdisconnected.He brings Christianity to his words in a way that feels inclusive of people of all faiths, yet hes very secure in his own religious tradition. Hes a great storyteller, often bringing tales of his upbringing, wise dogs hes loved or even wiser family mem-bers who continue to teach him what it means to be a person of faith and an honorable human being. He always delivers a nugget, a reminder of the people we want to be. Hes a joy to read.Nicole VillalpandoSpecialty Editor and Faith EditorAustin American-StatesmanIn this gentle and deeply humane collection of essays, Walt Shelton draws upon his own life experiencesas son, grand-son, brother, husband, dad and granddad, as well as student, lawyer, teacher, pen-pal, dog lover, and dedicated runner and golferto meditate upon the challenges and joys of daily life. He uses texts as varied as the Synoptic Gospels, the writings of rabbis and monks, and songs by the Beatles, the Byrds, and the Traveling Wilburys to go beyond the currently fashion-able emphasis on living mindfully, which too often becomes but another form of self-absorption. Instead, Walt urges us simply to be responsibly present and connected to all that'