b'surrounds usto nature, to those in our care and trust, and to all others who are in need. This thoughtful and thought-provoking collection is intended for believers and non-believers alike and could not be timelier. Dr. Howard MillerUniversity Distinguished Teaching Professor EmeritusDepartments of History and Religious Studies University of Texas at AustinWhen you see the face of Walt Shelton, hear his voice, or read the pages of his book, The Daily Practice of Life, you will know that you have met a man committed to making a difference in the lives of others. Regardless of your faith tradition, you will find a common experience in the per-sonal stories he shares. Woven in are references to scripture and other inspirational writings that encourage further reflection. In pondering the joys and challenges of living attentively and intentionally, Walt re-minds us to be accepting, open and kind to family, friends, strangers, and even ourselves.Johnnie Overton and Susan HolmanChurch Women UnitedAustin, TexasHow does the path of an itinerant rabbi from the first century intersect with our lives? In this collection of intimate reflections on his own life, Walt Shelton shows us the way, with simplicity, grace and authenticity. Each chapter moves us beyond meditation into living life faithfully, lov-ing all of our neighbors. Walt reminds us that tending to the teachings of Jesus expands our gaze outward to see God at work everywhere in people working for the common good.Rev. Dr. John ElfordSenior PastorUniversity UMCAustin, Texas'