b'Walt Sheltons writings and teaching have inspired me for many years. He draws from a variety of faith traditions discovering the common-alities we share. Walt brings out the spiritual and meaningful in every-day events. He truly lives the life of a disciple and freely shares Christ through his living. Each chapter of this book opens our eyes to see how we too can be a true follower of Christ.Rev. Cheryl Hill-KimblePastor of Highland Park Baptist ChurchAffiliated with the Alliance of Baptists and Cooperative Baptist FellowshipAustin, TexasWalt Shelton delivers in this work cogent reflections on the matters of our lives that are informed by faith and ethical mores. I have watched Walt as a faculty colleague for over three decades. His gifts for teach-ing, his powers of discernment, and his exemplary life-modeling have blessed our students and our community. As a reader of this book, you are in for a treat.Brad TobenDean of Baylor Law SchoolAs Walt Sheltons law student, work colleague and friend, I have been blessed with over two decades of his influence on my life. He has now blessed us all with The Daily Practice of Lifea profound guide to a life of inclusion and authentic faith. So timely in an era of distorted politics and religion, this book embodies an amazing man and has a permanent place on my annual reading list.Bane PhillippiSVP and General Counsel, McCoy Corporation Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy Reserve Baylor Law School class of 1998Former law student of Walt Shelton'