b'I had the pleasure of having Professor Walt Shelton at Baylor Law School in several classes and the opportunity to work with him as a research assistant for a presentation to a statewide legal convention and a law review article. His depth of knowledge in his course subjects is impres-sive in its own right, but his skill in sharing knowledge is unmatched. ProfessorSheltonsthoughtfulandenthusiasticapproachmakesone proud to be his student, which is like reading one of his columns and thisbook:engaging,thought-provoking,conversational,anddespite the complexity of the subject mattercomprehensible. Outside of the classroom, his kindness and compassion make the biggest impression. I regard Professor Shelton as an esteemed legal colleague, mentor, and friend. With his Statesman columns and publication of this book, read-ers will know what I and his other students have known for yearshis wisdom and teaching extend far beyond the law and the classroom door.Morgan BeamAttorneyTomball, TexasBaylor Law School class of 2016Former law student and research assistant of Walt SheltonNothing is more thoughtful and comforting, yet a call to action than Walt Sheltons writings. Who should care how many times you go to church,memorizethewordsoftheservice,andcondemnallothers who do not think like you or do not believe in your God? It is all very simple. Do you have an intentional, habitual implementation of your faith here on earth? Do you treat others with kindness and respect with active caring? Let Walt help you learn to make your faith authentic and be a true follower of Jesus in the here and now. Ronald L. BealProfessor of LawBaylor Law SchoolWhen I read Walt Sheltons articles in the Austin American-Statesman, I feel like I just sat down with a good friend and heard advice from someone who truly cares about my well-being. Walts thoughtful and applicable approach emphasizes how perspective and simple, purpose-ful acts of kindness profoundly impact our lives, including during times'