DEAR MRS. NOAH  |  7 widow—a triple deficit. What about you could possibly interest this crowd? You certainly have nothing of value to cast into the treasury. And so you toss in those pitiful little coins. The subdued “ping” they produce is an indication of your poverty. No one notices—or if they do, it is with irritation that you are holding up the line of wealthy givers. As you toss in your offering, you are well aware that you have nothing left for food. What in the world were you thinking? Did you have to give all of it? Couldn’t you have kept something back for your supper? You have no money left! None! Oh. Wait. Right. This wasn’t about the money, was it? You wanted to give something to God. Actually, you wanted to give everything to God. Jesus saw your heart. You didn’t care what the crowd noticed or didn’t notice. You weren’t there for them. What motivates a person to give everything—even when it means there is nothing left for food? Who would do such a thing? Only someone who loves God more than self—who gives to the last breath—who does it without hope of recognition. Love brought you to the temple treasury that day. Love— pure love. I will name you Amadene. I like to think that some of those women who followed Jesus from Galilee brought you supper that evening. If you had lived in my time, the women in our church would have seen to it that you had food in your pantry. Women through all the ages have taken care of those in need. There is more than one way to love. Amadene … Feminine of Amadeus—Latin “Lover of God.”