Endorsements “The significance of a story is not measured by the amount of ink required to print it, but by it impact on the heart of the one who reads it. Roberta takes the stories of unnamed women in the Bible and gives them a name and a voice that speaks to our own struggles and hopes. The passion of the God who relentlessly pursued His people on the pages of Scripture is still relentlessly pursuing us. He knew them. . . and He knows us, by name.” Beverly L. Carroll, Author God Chooses People Like You “Imaginatively entering into the Biblical text using her knowledge of historical context and family psychology, Dr. Damon creates an evocative text for recognizing issues of faith, doubt, belief, identity, shame, and affirmation in both historical and contemporary people. This book is a treasure for personal reading and small group study.” Phyllis Rodgerson Pleasants Terrieri, John F. Loftis Professor of Church History (retired) Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond