vi  |  ROBERTA M. DAMON “Withgentleskillandkeeninsight,RobertaDamonshedslightonmore than thirty previously unnamed women of the Bible. The stories come to life with the illustrations provided by her talented granddaughter, Melissa Damon. This book can be used for personal devotions or in group discussion.” Daniel G. Bagby, Emeritus Professor Pastoral Care, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond “Roberta Damon creatively weaves individual testimonies of unnamed Biblical women into a larger narrative. She channels the spirit of the unnamed, tells their stories, and gives validity to their personhood. This thought provoking work raises women to a higher level.” Valerie Carter, Executive Director/Treasurer, Women’s Missionary Union of Virginia “Their qualities of character and extraordinary deeds gave more than thirtynamelesswomenaplaceintheBible. TheycomealiveinDamon’s letters, her granddaughter’s illustrations, and through questions that touch our hearts and help us ponder our own faith. You will want to add this stimulating book to your resources for personal devotion or group conversation.” Michael Clingenpeel, Pastor emeritus, River Road Church, Baptist, Richmond, Virginia “In your reading of the Bible, have you ever heard of Darlene, Felicity, Sally, Kara or Marvella? Youhavemetthem,buttheywerepreviouslyunnamed.RobertaDamon skillfully and engagingly writes with a counselor’s insight, a believer’s