DEAR MRS. NOAH  |  vii trust, and an educator’s knowledge as she incorporates the known with the educated guess. This book will appeal to girls and women, but it is valuable for boys and men.” Fred Anderson, Christian writer and Executive Director of the Virginia Baptist Historical Society and the Center for Baptist Heritage & Studies at the University of Richmond “Dear Mrs. Noah is an insider’s story of one who stepped into the shoes of unnamed women of the Bible. Roberta Damon wondered, imagined, and conversed with more than thirty Biblical women and gave them names. In so doing, she conferred on them the noble title, ‘Daughters of God.’” Bill O’Brien, Executive Director, Gaston Christian Center, Dallas Founding Director of the Global Center, Samford University “Roberta Damon is a Christian, teacher, missionary, therapist, writer, public speaker and friend. Her knowledge of Scripture, deep insights and perception of people made this book a natural for her. I have, with, joy, observed her leading therapy groups in more than twenty Healthy Wellness Retreats for Ministers and Spouses sponsored by the Ministering to Ministers Foundation for over two decades. I highly recommend this book for personal reading and group study.” Charles Chandler, Executive Director and Founder, Ministering to Ministers “Roberta Damon has given us a treasure which inspires both thought and reflection about what our own names might mean. I am delighted that she has brought life to some of the overlooked women in the Bible and connected them so thoughtfully to our lives today.” Betty Ann Dillon, Clinical Psychologist (retired)