viii  |  ROBERTA M. DAMON “Roberta Damon brings unique insight into the lives of unnamed women of the Bible. Her extensive research, thoughtful presentation, and subtle humor will delight and inform the reader. I commend this accessible study for groups or personal use. Ronald L. Dubois, Marriage and Family Counselor “Roberta: German, feminine of Robert; bright fame Roberta Damon is living up to her name. She is brilliant and creative in telling the stories of unnamed women in Scripture. She raises them up and makes them visible. They become known when they are named.” Beverley Buston, Clinical Psychologist “Roberta Damon reads the Biblical text like an X-Ray machine. She sees beneath the surface, and shows us the thoughts, motives, and the complex personalities of the unnamed women who populate the pages of Scripture.” James G. Somerville, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia