b'4LISA E. BETZWatchdog: Livias nickname for a bodyguard Uncle Gemellus assigns to her. No doubt he has an actual name, but he never bothered to mention it.Livias Friends and RelationsAvitus: An aristocrat who excels in arguing court cases, but thats not why Livia hates him. How is she expected to marry a man who shows less emotion than a statue of Caesar?Marcellus: A charming and handsome man who is a long-time friend of the family. He loves quality wine, sensuous poetry, and Livia (not necessarily in that order).Auntie Livilla: Denters sister. A delightfully eccentric widow who inherited enough money to ignore the advice of anyone she doesnt care to heed. Livias role model. Uncle Gemellus: Denters scheming younger brother, who is not above spreading rumors to get what he wants. Aunt Porcia: Uncle Gemellus third wife. An anxious woman who admires Sentias slaves and fears her husbands tempers.Pansa and Placida: Tenants of Denter who run a bakery next door to his house. They also hold meetings for believers of Jesus Christ. The warmth of their home has always attracted Livia. Fabia: Livias bubbly friend, who is more interested in hand-some gladiators than her fathers business dealings.Elpis: The daughter of a nearsighted perfume merchant. Shes always ready for a little excitement.Denters Business AssociatesScaurus: One of Denters investment partners until they fell out over a real estate squabble. He called an important meeting. Blaesus: Another ex-partner of Denters. He likes to talk, but not with Denter. Florus: A landlord with a romantically minded daughter and a brother who aspires to be a poet.'