b'DEATH AND A CROCODILE 5GaiusLanatus:WhodisappearedtoHerculaneumbefore anyone could ask him what he knows.Naso:Denterslong-timeinvestmentpartnerandfriend. AlsofathertoMarcellus.Recentlydeceasedundersuspicious circumstances.Gratia: Scaurus wife. No one thinks she did it.Other Residents of RomeSorex: A large, scowling lump of a man who serves as Avitus bodyguard. Terse, loyal, and always hungry.Brisa: Avitus petite but feisty housekeeper.Rullus: A tough vigile (night watchman) who works in Region IV. A friend of Curio.The Turbot: A thug for hire. He is as ugly as his name implies.Fat Finnia: A powerful woman its best not to cross.Brocchus: A one-eared thug who delivers suspicious messag-es. A freedman of Gemellus.Solon of Corinth: A purveyor of grammar and rhetoric to am-bitious provincials eager to improve their standing.Volusius:Apowerfulmanofquestionablemoralswhom Uncle Gemellus wants Livia to marry for reasons he has failed to explain. Vulcan:Thepseudonymfora(presumably)high-classpa-tron of a low-class drinking establishment located in the wrong neighborhood.'