b'DEATH AND A CROCODILE 13Yes, miss. Agneta bobbed her head fled the room. I hope you know what youre doing, mistress, Tyndareus said. This is not the best day to test your fathers patience. Should we have left her to die?He shook his head.Thirsty, the woman said again.Livia knelt by her patient. We need to get liquid into her.Tyndareus nodded. I will inform Cook. Is there anything else you require?It would be best if Father and Mother dont hear about it until after tonights dinner.Leave that to me, my lady. When he opened the door a black cat raced to the listless slaves side and gave her a lick on the nose. He was the same cat theyd seen in the alley. Or was it a she? Whichever, the cat had to go. Livia couldnt cope with two strays in one day. Please take the cat outside, Tyndareus.He reached for the cat, prompting flattened ears and a low hiss.Behave, Nemesis, their patient whispered.Tyndareus eyed it warily. Nemesis, eh? Lets hope you arent as vengeful as the goddess you were named after. He let the cat sniff his fingers than scooped her up and hauled her away.Momentslater,Minthathehousekeeperbustledintothe room, her worn face crinkled in concern. Look at the poor thing. Trapped under a collapsed building, was she? Its a lucky thing you found her in time.Luck had nothing to do with it. I think I was meant to.Maybe you were, dearie. Maybe you were. Mintha proffered a cup. Cook said you needed some of his tonic. Ah, Cooks special tonic. Guaranteed to improve digestion, in-crease stamina, and balance the humors. Surely it was also effec-tive for reviving lethargic slave girls.Livia took the cup.'