b'Chapter TwoL ivia stared at the reflection in her polished bronze mir-ror. She recognized the plain face with the too-promi-nent nose, but her unruly curls had been transformed. Could that elegantly coiffed woman truly be her?Are you pleased, my lady? Roxana adjusted a strand at Livias ear.You didnt tell me you were a sorceress. Livia gave her head a brisk shake. The stylish pile of hair did not unravel. How long will this magic last?All evening, if you dont do anything lively. Livia laughed. Her most strenuous activity would be remain-ing polite until her unwanted suitor left. Excellent work, Roxana.Thank you, my lady. The maid curtseyed then added in a whisper. Does this mean youll keep me?Ill see what I can do. Tomorrow. Rest now, and stay out of sight.A tap on the door. Agneta entered. The gentleman has arrived, my lady. He is with your father in the dining room.Very well. You may retire to your quarters. But remember, I forbid you from saying one word about my patient. To anyone.As you wish, my lady. Livia took a deep breath and emerged into the colonnaded peristyle garden that filled the center of her large home. A wide patio filled the center, bordered by manicured plantings and dot-ted with marble statues. Mother was standing near the central fountain talking with Fathers sister, Auntie Livilla.'