b'Chapter FourT he next morning Livia was up and dressed early. She sent Agneta to the kitchen to find her something to eat then turned her attention to Roxana. ImwillingtoaskPorciatotrademaids.Areyoustrong enough to walk there and back?Yes, my lady.Mintha slipped into the room. Forgive me for bothering you, dearie, but I just wanted to say youre all the talk around the house this morning. Weve never seen our Livia so lovely.Thanks to Roxana.Both women looked at Roxana, who kept her gaze lowered, as befitted a slave, but didnt hide her grin. I do hope youre planning on keeping her, my lady, Mintha said,becauseIdontneedtotellyouhowweallfeelabout Agneta. What your mother was thinking, giving you that fussy girl, is beyond me. And the way she complains behind your back. Disgraceful.Im heading to Aunt Porcias in a few minutes. I think I can convince her to trade, but Ill also need to convince Mother.Dontfret,dearie,Minthasaid.Icantthinkhowyour mother would object after last night. You looked divine. I hope you found the young gentleman to your liking?Avitus was hardly young, and as to liking himpreposterous. Now was not the time to discuss her feelings, however. Livia gave Mintha a benign smile. His manners were impeccable and he seemed to find Aunt Livilla charming.Mintha beamed. Your Aunt Livilla is a grand lady. If she likes him, Im sure hes quality.'