b'DEATH AND A CROCODILE 33Interesting.WhyhadLivianeverheardthisbefore?Then again, until three days ago her friends could have told her Avitus entire life story and she wouldnt have bothered to pay attention. What else?He lives with a houseful of slaves as ugly as he is, and hes so antisocial he rarely mingles with others of his class. Not the sort of man Id want to marry.Not the sort of man Livia wanted eitherif she had any choice in the matter. Thank you for the warning.And thank you for the maid. Youve lifted a great weight from my mind.My pleasure, Aunt Porcia. Ive seen Uncle Gemellus temper. We women must stick together.A quick embrace and Livia headed home. One hurdle con-quered, but the biggest challenges were still to come.'