b'Chapter FiveO n the way home Livia coached her new maid on how to face the next hurdle. We must convince Mother you are worth keeping. She may be lax with household details, but she holds very strict ideas regarding proper behavior.I understand, my lady. I know how to act the part when I need to.Also, Mother is usually in a foul mood the morning after a din-ner party. You must be on your best, most obsequious, behavior.Yes, Mistress.Before she was ready to face her mother, Livia needed to stop at the bakery. Her familys large home was nestled in the interior of a city block, surrounded by smaller apartments and shops that made use of the street frontage. One such shop was a bakery run by Pansa and his wife, Placida. Livia had spent the happiest moments of her childhood in the bustling bakery and the living quarters behind it, playing with Placidas daughters and finding the love she did not get from her parents. Placidas home had been Livias haven from the storms of life. Then it had become even morea true sanctuary where she and fellow followers of the Way met to pray and worship the Lord Jesus together. Placida and Pansa had heard about the new religion from a friend of theirs and soon began to spread the word to their friends. Eventually Pansa began holding regular meetings, early in the morning before his small flock of friends began their daily work. Three years back, when shed been old enough to care, Livia had begun to ask Placida questions about'