b'DEATH AND A CROCODILE 37Well enough to congratulate Agneta for . . . Mothers bleary eyes focused on Roxana. She blinked several times, her forehead furrowed with the effort. That isnt . . . Whos that?Her name is Roxana. Shes the one you must congratulate for last nights coiffure. I knew how important it was for me to look my best, and Agneta is hopeless with my hair, so I traded slaves with Aunt Porcia.Mother studied the maid. Roxana stood stiff as a legionary on parade, her gaze glued to the floor at her feet, no hint of emotion on her face. You traded Agneta? What were you thinking?I was considering Roxanas skill with hair. You can teach a slave proper etiquette, but you cant make a hairdresser out of a slave who doesnt have the knack. With your help Im sure we can teach Roxana to be a perfect ladys maid.We shall see. Mother turned back to Roxana. Where are you from?I was born in Rome, my lady.What part?The Subura, my lady.Motherseyesnarrowed.Howdidaslavegirlfromthe Suburan slums learn to arrange hair?I wasnt born a slave. My aunt taught me. She works in a nice shop near the forum.What else can you do?Anything you teach me, my lady.Livia could have hugged her for that answer. You seem to know your place, at least. Perhaps Denter will approve of you.Must we tell Father? Livia said. Aunt Porcia begged me to keep our arrangement a secret. Shes afraid Uncle Gemellus will be angry if he learns she made changes to the household. She hopes the two slaves look enough alike that he wont notice.'