b'38LISA E. BETZMother pursed her lips. Only a foolish woman believes she can keep secrets from her husband. Let this be a lesson to you. You must always strive to please and obey your husband, as I do.Obey, yes, but Livia would never grovel like her mother or Porcia.However, Mother continued, at the moment your father isconsumedwithnegotiationstopurchaseanothertenement building. Hell not want to be bothered with ladys maids until the sale is completed.Excellent.ThatwouldgiveLiviatimeconvinceMotherof Roxanas worth. Perhaps you would like to test Roxana and sur-prise Father with a new hairstyle?Imight.MotherbeckonedRoxanawithafinger.Come here, maid. What would you do with my hair?Roxana circled Mothers couch, lips pressed together in con-centration. She took a tendril of hair and rubbed it between her fingers. Lovely hair, my lady. I could do almost anything with hair like this. Were you thinking of a particular style?I have an idea or two. Eunice, fetch my brushes.Liviadriftedtothecorneroftheroom,herheartsinging. Praise you, Lord Jesus, for getting us this far. If its not too presump-tuous to ask, would you help Roxana create the perfect hairstyle for Mother? Thank you.'