b'Chapter Seven M y lady, wake up. hereyes.Theroomwasdark. Liviaopened Not even a hint of light leaked under the door. What time is it?I dont know. Something has happened. Youre wanted in the study. Heart thumping, Livia pushed the sheet aside and rose. My tunic, quickly. Livia passed a cluster of slaves to the tablinum, her fathers for-mal study, where several lamps burned. A pacing figure turned as she reached the threshold. Curio.Livia gripped the doorframe. Was her mind playing tricks? Before her fuddled brain could make sense of what her brother was doing in the house, her mother marched into the study.She stopped dead then twirled to the slaves gathering in the garden. Denter! Tyndareus! Why has this ingrate been allowed into the house?Youd better sit down, Mother. You too, Livia.His tone sent a chill down Livias back. She sunk into the near-est chair.Sit down, Mother. Please.Not until I receive an explanation. Why have I been dragged from my bed to find my disgraced son at my husbands desk? Where is Denter? I demand to know what has happened.Let me help you, my lady. The steward took her elbow and guided her to a chair. Livia thanked him with her eyes, and he gave her the merest nod before stepping back into the shadows.'