b'44LISA E. BETZCurio fixed his gaze on a spot somewhere over Mothers head. Im sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but when the vigiles on night patrol found the bodies they sent for me, as son and heir. They thought it would be better if I tell you. He paused. Shifted his eyes to meet Livias. Father is dead. He and Tyndareus both. The bodies were found last night. Killed by thieves, they tell me.A rush of fear tightened Livias chest. She willed herself to breathe normally while she grappled with her brothers words. Father? Dead? No-o-o,Mothermoaned.Youlie.Denterisntdead. Someone call Tyndareus and have this troublemaker removed. Tyndareusisdeadtoo,Mother.Hediedprotectinghis master.How can he be dead? Im sorry. Its a shock to all of us.Denter.Denter.Whatwillbecomeofmenow?Mother grabbed her hair in both fists and rocked back and forth.Mother? Curio laid a hand on her shoulder. She swatted his hand away then burst into loud sobbing. He sighed. Im sorry if I was too blunt, but I didnt see any easy way to break the news.Its not your fault, Livia said. You know how she reacts to problems.I hate to leave you with this, but I need to gather some men to fetch the bodies.Livia stood and brushed a tear from her cheek. No time for that now. Go ahead. I can manage Mother.Youre sure?Yes. Ill be fine. She called Eunice into the study. Help me get her to her bed.Livia pulled Mother to her feet and wrapped an arm around her waist. Come, Mother, lets get you back to your room.Eunice took Mothers other side. Together, they aimed her to-ward the garden, where a cluster of slaves stood gaping at them'