b'DEATH AND A CROCODILE 51As always, my lady. Dryas dipped his head and left. Livia stared at the ring, thoughts and stomach whirling. Shed been so busy seeing to all the funeral preparations that shed not had a moment to think through all that had happened.I think you better sit down. Roxana took Livias arm, guided Livia to the bed and sat down beside her. Its a terrible thing youve discovered. Dont be afraid to cry over it.She didnt want to cry. It was bad enough to know her father had been killed, but to think he might have been murdered in cold blood! A tear escaped, followed by another, and then she couldnt hold them back any longer. It was as if a dam burst, re-leasing all the grief, fear, and confusion she had tried so hard to contain. Livia sobbed until her sides ached. When she could breathe normally again, she sent Roxana to the kitchen for some honeyed wine and recited the psalm shed learned from her dear friend and spiritual mentor Placida. The one about God acting as her shepherd, watching over her with his rod and staff even when she walked through the valley ofdeath. Help me, Lord Jesus. I need your comfort and your guidance.Because her fathers death might not have been a random act of violence. He might have been murdered deliberately.'