b'Chapter Nine F or the next hour Livia wrestled with the ugly truth. It was too horrible to accept, but there wasnt any other explanation that made sense. Father and his bodyguard had been ambushed and intentionally murdered. It made his death more painful, knowing someone hated him enough to kill him in cold blood. Who hated Father enough to lie in wait and slit his throat? Were the rest of the family in danger? She was still mulling over her questions when Curio sent for her. Shed better tell him what shed discovered. She grabbed Fathers ring and the old coin then went to face her brother.Curio was slumped on a stool, head resting on his hands. Was it grief he felt, or guilt? Was he still the angry son, bitter at being banished for stealing money he claimed he never took? Only one way to find out. Roxana said you wanted to see me?He straightened and waved her into the room. Is that your maids name? Seems a sensible girl. Do you like her?Ive only had her four days, but shes a big improvement over Agneta.One eyebrow quirked. How did you convince Father to au-thorize her purchase?He didnt know. I traded maids with Aunt Porcia, but she didnt want Uncle Gemellus to find out. Whenshedfinishedherexplanation,agrinspreadacross Curios face. That sounds like the little sister I remember. Who besides you would prefer a sharp-tongued girl from the Subura to an obsequious slave girl trained from birth to serve as a ladys maid? What does Mother think of her?'