b'54LISA E. BETZRoxana can do magic with hair. So far shes bent over back-ward to please Mother, but Im afraid it wont last. Will you back me up if Mother causes problems?With pleasure. I think Roxana might be the first ladys maid Ive met who has a chance of handling you.I hope you mean that as a compliment.Hisgrinwidened.WouldIeverinsultmybelovedlittle sister?She clenched her fists. How dare he speak those words so lightly after the way hed abandoned her? You have no right to call me loved. Say rather your forsaken sister.Curio was instantly contrite. I am sorry for all the pain Ive caused you.You werent sorry enough to answer my messages.He winced. I know it feels like I abandoned you, but it was the only way I could protect you from Fathers anger. If youd knownwhereIwasyouwouldhavecometoseemedespite Fathers strict orders. I couldnt let that happen.He sounded so sincere, but was it true?You hurt everyone who loved you.I know. He groaned and ran his hands through his hair. You cant understand how angry I was at Father when he kicked me from the house. How could he believe I was dishonest enough to embezzle money from him? I was innocent. And furious. I retali-ated by doing everything he didnt approve ofthe more scan-dalous the better. You dont need to tell me how stupid that was. Ive been regretting it ever since I came to my senses.When did that happen?I woke up one day and found myself lying in an alley, stinking of wine and vomit. I knew I needed help, so I went to a friend of Pansas called Aquila. He listened to me without a word of judg-ment. Then he told me about hearing a fisherman named Peter preach at a Jewish festival called Pentecost and how his life had'