b'Chapter Ten A saboy,Curiohaddreamedabouthowsatisfyingit would feel to be head of the household. To be the one whomadetherulesinsteadofonewhomustobey them. Turned out being in charge wasnt what hed expected. With powercameresponsibility.Andexpectations.Fathersaccu-sation of embezzlement sat like a weight on his shoulders. He couldnt afford to make mistakes, at least not until hed proven himself worthy of trust. Curio dragged his thoughts back to the document on Fathers desk. His desk, now. Piled with his responsibilities. So much to learn. So many people watching: clientes, rivals, tenants, slaves.Including the steward who appeared at the study door. Good afternoon, sir. The landlord Scaurus is here to see you.Curio stifled a groan. His fathers ex-partner would not be coming to make a condolence call. He was probably delighted that Denter was dead.Send him in.Scaurus was a large man with small, dark eyes and a perma-nent frown. He strode into the room with his customary energy. Sorry about your father. From what I hear, he must have died on the way home from our meeting.He was at your house the night he died? No one in the house-hold knew where hed gone.I called a last-minute meeting. Very important. Among other things, your father and I discussed the property he hoped to pur-chase. Are you aware of it?A four-story apartment building in the Subura, next door to one of our existing properties?'