b'60LISA E. BETZThats right. He agreed to withdraw his offer on that build-ing and purchase this one instead. Scaurus slapped a two-leafed wooden note tablet on the desk. Curio opened the leaves and glanced over the words inscribed in the thin layer of wax that made the writing surface. Details about a building: lot size, owner, price, etc. Ill have my secre-tary look it over. Who else was at this meeting you called?Scaurus tapped the tablet. Will you honor your fathers agree-ment and withdraw on the other property?I suppose.In return for his agreement, I promised him this informa-tion. Scaurus gave Curio a piercing look. I think youll find it very revealing. The big man placed a second tablet on the desk, this one sealed with thread and a blob of wax imprinted with Scaurus seal.Thank you.Dont delay making an offer on that property. There are oth-ers who will snap it up if you dont. Scaurus left as abruptly as hed come. Curio placed the proper-ty document in the pile of business to discuss with his secretary and set the other in the growing pile of things to look into when he had a spare moment. Then he stood, stretched his shoulders, and wandered out to the garden to clear his head. He strolled to where Livia sat on her favorite bench, while Roxana stood be-hind her combing her thick brown hair. It was disconcerting how his sister had become a woman in the three years hed been out of the house. Not only in looks, but in the way she ran the household as capably as someone twice her age. Afternoon, little sister. Youre looking lovely.And you look exhausted.He blew out his cheeks. Running a household is a weighty responsibility. Trying to juggle Fathers business holdings, my own investments, and a large household, not to mention your suspicions about Father. On top of that, Scaurus just dropped a'