b'DEATH AND A CROCODILE 61purchasing dilemma in my lap. He also said Father was at his house the night he died.I thought Scaurus and Father hated each other. He checked to see that no slaves were near enough to over-hear before murmuring, They do, yet Scaurus told me he and Father were making real estate deals that night. Very suspicious. Perhaps there is something to that old coin you found after all. Once all the funeral rites have been observed Ill do a little snoop-ing at the Crocodile Tavern.Also, he added at normal volume, we need to discuss your betrothal. Avitus will understand the need to postpone it, but we should give him an idea of when he can proceed.Livia bit her lip. With Father dead, I dont think Im ready to face a betrothal right now.I understand. Well discuss it later.Thedoorkeeperappeared.Excuseme,mylord,butyour Uncle Gemellus is here.Curio groaned. Their fathers brother was a disagreeable, con-niving, self-centered liar. Unfortunately, he was family so there was no way to refuse him.Send him in here.Uncle Gemellus strode into the garden, the usual ill will bris-tling behind his hooded eyes. He and Father had similar build andfeatures,butGemellusfacewasfleshierandhistemper more volatile. Curio despised him.Welcome, Uncle, he said coldly.My deepest sympathies to both of you, Gemellus said in tones of gravest sincerity. (The voice may have fooled a jury. It did not fool Curio.) The man was probably delighted Father was dead, mostly because Father rebuffed all Gemellus attempts to wheedle money or favors. No doubt he was eager to get his hands on his share of Denters estate.'