b'DEATH AND A CROCODILE 63CurioadoptedhisIm-skeptical-but-please-continuelook while his racing thoughts tried to readjust. The snake had struck from a direction he hadnt anticipated. I imagine you have a suggestion?Gaius Pomponius Volusius.Why should I consider him?Volusius is wealthy and well-connected. Very well connect-ed. He has many contacts in the shippers guild and has his fin-gers in too many areas to mention. I have heard he is a personal friend of Pallas, the emperors secretary of finance. Why would a person of his stature want to marry a mer-chants daughter with provincial roots?He is a lonely man. Lost his wife not long ago and is look-ing for a charming young lady to make his wife. Your sister is a worthwhile prize; do you not agree?EspeciallywhenavenalmanconsideredLiviasgenerous dowry. Was Gemellus hoping for a cut of the money for arrang-ing the match? An interesting proposal. However, due to the sudden shock of Fathers death, I am not prepared to discuss marriage until Livia is ready to consider it.He did not add that a decent man would have waited until the whole course of funeral observations were completed before dis-cussing marriage proposals for a bereaved daughter. Gemellus face hardened. I warn you, boy, this generous of-fer will not be available for long. Volusius is a prime catch.Knowing Gemellus, that meant he was over sixty, toothless, and suffered from digestive issues.Thank you for bringing this to my attention, but I cannot consider any proposal until the will is opened.Wont you at least cease negotiations with that scar-faced liar, Avitus?Ah, now they came to the real issue. Gemellus had lost both face and money when Avitus defeated him in court. (One of the'