b'In Ancient Rome, sensible young ladies dont investigate crimes, but Livia Aemilia doesnt let stuffy conventions stand in her way. When her father is murdered, she and her spunky maidservant set out to identify the killer. Will their meddling expose the culprit or lead them into mortal danger?Death and a Crocodile!has everything I love in historical fictiona feisty heroine, a fascinating setting, and mysterious goings-on. Betzs story is an intriguing journey into ancient Rome, with a character facing challenges similar to our own. Recommended!7UDF\\\x03+LJOH\\\x0f\x03KLVWRULFDO\x03ILFWLRQ\x03DXWKRU\x03RI7KH\x03,QFHQVH\x035RDGI absolutely!loved this book.! I read it in one (long) sitting because I couldn\'t put it down.! Ms. Betz has a way of connecting this 21st century reader to 1st century Rome and makes it feel like I belong there.! Be sure to block your schedule!when you start reading! 5LFN\x037D\\ORU\x0f\x033DVWRU\x03RI\x03:RUVKLS\x0f\x03+RSHZHOO\x03&KULVWLDQ\x03)HOORZVKLSWho knew that a first-century Roman whodunit could be so magnetic? The intrigue, suspense and riotous host of characters beguiled me. The courage displayed by a young Christian woman living in a world so hostile to her growing faith kept me hooked!Death and a Crocodile is master story-telling!0DWWKHZ\x03&DUWHU\x0f\x033DVWRU\x03RI\x036KHSKHUGLQJ\x030LQLVWULHV%ULFN\x03/DQH\x03&RPPXQLW\\\x03&KXUFK"Not only does Lisa Betz\'s story provide an intriguing mystery interwoven withfascinating descriptions of 1st century Roman culture, she also inspires the reader toreflect on how God might enable us to step out in faith to impact our 21st centuryculture with both grace and courage."\'HERUDK\x03+DUJUHDYHV\x0f\x030$\x0f\x03/3&ABOUT THE AUTHORLISA E. BETZ WORKED AS AN ENGINEER, SUBSTITUTE TEACHER, AND PLAY DIRECTOR BEFORE BECOMING AN AWARD-WINNING MYSTERY WRITER. SHE DRAWS INSPIRATION FROM THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF LEADING BIBLE STUDIES TO CREATE FAST-PACED MYSTERIES SET IN THE FIRST-CENTURY WORLD OF THE EARLY CHURCH.RELIGION/CHRISTIAN/HISTORICAL'