b'Dramatis PersonaeThe Household of D. Livius DenterLivia: An intelligent and free-spirited young lady doomed to marry a stuffy and unfeeling senators son. She is always up for a good challenge like solving a murder.Curio: Livias brother, who claims he has put his rebellious ways behind him, but may not get a chance to prove it. Denter: Livias formidable father, talented at making money and enemies. Sentia:Liviaspropermother,whodoesnotthinkwell-brought-up Roman ladies should meddle in crime investigations. Roxana: A spirited young slave girl from the wrong part of townwithanattitudehighlyinappropriateforaladysmaid. Exactly what Livia is looking for. Agneta:Animpeccablytrainedslavewithperfectdeco-rum but no common sense whatsoever. The kind of maid Livia despises. Eunice: Sentias head maidservant. Beneath her subservient exterior beats a bitter and calculating heart.Cook: And thats what he does. Quite well, actually.Mintha: The housekeeper. Adept at cleaning, shopping, and talking.Dryas: An elderly slave who can be counted on to keep his eyes open and his mouth shut.Tyndareus: The familys long-suffering bodyguard, loyal to the end.Nemesis: An intelligent black cat with a penchant for filching sausages. Named for the goddess of vengeance.'