6  P E T E C H A R E T T E messy, and at times, frustrating work. It’s hard. There are histori- cal and cultural factors to be considered. There are the principles of language and grammar. Context must be considered. We can’t just pull out a verse or two and “look for Jesus.” I feel that these factors frequently combine to make the process seem too diffi- cult for us. It’s much easier to say, “The Bible is all about Jesus.” That we can wrap our arms around easily. Studying the historical context in which Paul wrote Romans, and its effect on our under- standing? Not so much. To be clear, I am not proposing that in or- der for a disciple to mature, they need to become a seminary-lev- el Bible scholar. At the same time, however, the standards we are setting for disciples today are far lower than the standards God sets for us. Do we feel that most of the disciples in the Church can “rightly handle the word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15)? Can they approach the Bible and accurately pull out its truths? How con- fident are we that our disciples can properly explain the Gospel message to an unbeliever? Can they talk confidently about who God is and what He has done in their lives? We need to raise our standards for disciples so that they line up with God’s, then train them to meet those standards. Fourth, discipleship requires a more strategic focus than the Church has placed on it. Much of the discipleship material avail- able today fails to deliver a strategic plan for how discipleship can be accomplished. To be fair, there are many different approaches that can be taken to help a disciple mature. Take Bible study, for example. Nearly all of the discipleship material I’ve read stresses the importance of Bible reading and study in the maturation pro- cess of a disciple. Yet there is very little information available on how to actually accomplish this. There will be vague generali- ties such as “encourage your disciple to read the Bible regular- ly.” The daily habits of a disciple are often clearly laid out. What is missing is the “how.” How do you teach a disciple to prop- erly interpret God’s Word? How do you teach a disciple to feed himself and then go and teach others the same? What does that