D I S C I P L E S H I P  7 process look like on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis? Through hundreds of conversations with lay people at various churches, I am convinced that disciples today don’t read their Bibles be- cause they don’t understand what they read and thus become frustrated. They’ve never been taught how to read and properly understand. This should not be the case. It seems to me that the dearth of “content” among discipleship approaches indicates that current prevailing thought about Bible study is that proper inter- pretation “just happens.” The Church needs a strategic plan for how to move people to a place where they can properly interpret, and then apply biblical truths to their lives. The same goes for prayer. We need a plan for how to teach disciples how to have a vibrant prayer life. That plan need not be written in concrete; it should be flexible enough to meet the needs of individual disciples. But there needs to be a plan. This book seeks to lay out such a plan. The last factor affecting the Church’s efforts to mature her disciples is her dependence on small groups. Let me be clear. I do not believe you can produce well-rounded disciples with- out some form of a small group ministry. However, I do not be- lieve that this should be the chief vehicle for maturing disciples. Because of the differences in learning styles and rates of infor- mation processing among disciples, and the differences in their “starting” maturity levels, backgrounds, and experiences, group discipleship presents challenges to the discipleship process. Take hermeneutics, for example. While the principles of hermeneu- tics can be taught in a group setting, applying these principles is, obviously, an individual pursuit. As such, each disciple will process this information differently, with different strengths and weaknesses affecting their ways of thought. Helping disciples through the process of learning how to properly interpret scrip- ture (“rightly dividing the word of truth” [2 Tim. 2:15]) is not best accomplished in a group setting. As I have discipled men and dived deeper into the issues accompanying the maturing process,