D I S C I P L E S H I P  9 Bible Study 30 minutes Prayer 30 minutes Why Should You Read This Book? What makes this book different are two things. First, this book will provide extensive material on the content of the maturation process. This answers the questions “What behaviors should we be teaching our disciples?” And, “How should we teach this?” As I have read hundreds of articles and books on the subject, this is what is lacking in much of the discipleship material to- day. It is one thing to tell a disciple they need to read and study the Scriptures, but it’s quite another to come alongside them and show them how to do that. It is one thing to tell a disciple that they need to be intentional about their own maturation as a dis- ciple of Christ, but it is quite another to come alongside them and show them how to do that. The MPF, combined with the matura- tion content given here, provides a strategic focus to the process that has been sorely lacking for far too long. Appendices I and II will detail Bible study content, including actual Bible studies as well as principles and templates that can be used in future studies. There is detailed content on: ● Bible interpretation: How to teach a disciple to properly interpret Scripture, and thus learn to feed himself. ● Application: How to teach a disciple how to apply what they’re learning. ● Conduct: How to demonstrate to a disciple what their day to day life should look like. ● Faith disciplines: What are the Disciplines of the Faith and how to put them into practice. ● Duplication (eventually): How to help mature another disciple. The second aspect of this book that is different is its focus on the individual. The addition of a one-on-one setting to a small