D I S C I P L E S H I P ο‚· 17 Step 5: Examine Matthew 28:19–20 for more evidence. Step 6: Make the final conclusion and see if it an- swers the question, β€œWhat overarching task has been given to the Church for her to accomplish and for which she is uniquely qualified?” Step 1: Examine the flow of thought through the book of Ephesians, drawing initial conclusions. I personally begin each of my Bible studies with a breakdown of the books’ basic flow of thought by listing the topical headings of the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible. These topical headings provide a useful tool to get a sense of the bigger picture. This is a technique into which I will go into more detail in chap- ter 4 of this book, and then demonstrate further in Appendices I and II. Ephesians’ Basic Flow of Thought: Greeting 1:1–2 Spiritual blessings in Christ 1:3–14 Thanksgiving and prayer 1:15–23 By grace through faith 2:1–10 One in Christ 2:11–22 The mystery of the gospel revealed 3:1–13 Prayer for spiritual strength 3:14–21 Unity in the Body of Christ 4:1–16 The new life 4:17–32 Walk in love 5:1–21 Wives and husbands 5:22–33 Children and parents 6:1–4 Bondservants and masters 6:5–9 Armor of God 6:10–20 Final greetings 6:21–24