20  P E T E C H A R E T T E Text Person or Group Task Luke 4:18-19 (Isaiah 61:1-20) Jesus To proclaim good news to the poor To proclaim liberty to the captives To give sight to the blind To set a liberty those who are captive To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor Acts 9:15 Saul (Paul) To carry God’s name to the Gentles This is just a small sampling of God’s choosing a person or people for a task. When we look at the spiritual blessings listed in 1:3–14, I see God’s grace and kindness poured out on us. He did this not just for our benefit. In changing who we are (i.e., before we were sinners, but now we are holy and righteous by the blood of Christ), He is preparing us for a task. Flow of Thought Observation Number 1: God saved us for a task. 2. Thanksgiving and prayer (1:15–23) Paul moves to a very standard New Testament letter format with a thanksgiving/prayer section (1:15–23). What is notable in this section is the concluding point that Christ is head of the Church, which is His Body, and is the fullness of Him (vv. 22– 23). This serves as a natural “bridge” to chapter 2.