32  P E T E C H A R E T T E Step 6: Conclusion: The purpose of Church To summarize my overall argument: God blesses believers with spiritual blessings to prepare us for the revealing of His greatness. God saves people to be examples of His grace and kindness toward us in Christ to the entire spiritual realm. God brings Jews and Gentiles together to form the Church. God’s purpose for the Church is to reveal His wis- dom to the entire spiritual realm. Our task is to walk worthy of that calling. Walking worthy means that we must be mature, not immature. That’s why I wrote this book—to put together an organized framework for how the Church can accomplish this maturing work in the lives of Christ’s disciples, and in doing so, to be used by God to reveal aspects of His character and nature to the spiri- tual realm. We have taken a tour through Ephesians and then stopped briefly at the end of Matthew’s gospel. My sincere desire is that you have had your thinking challenged a bit, and that you have considered the institution of Church in a new light. This has been a long section, with a lot of exegesis. But it has been necessary to dive in this deep, as the conclusions drawn here form the founda- tion of this book. To come to the realization that God’s purposes in saving us are even bigger than a global perspective, we must realize that this was His intent for the Church from before the foundation of the world. Our calling to live a life worthy of these massive works of God is not a small thing. But I feel that, for the Church, too often our God is too small. If we are to live out these mandates individually, and then together as the Church, we must be maturing Christ’s disciples. We must be putting ourselves in the best possible position to be used by God as He reveals