D I S C I P L E S H I P  39 should be striving for in the lives of her disciples. These are the evidence of a transformed life. Keep in mind, we are indwelled by the Spirit, who leads and guides us, and we have the oppor- tunity to call on His power to assist us. If we commit to the task with passion and vigor, dependent upon God, how can we fail? Chapter Conclusion The conclusions reached here are not difficult to grasp: God saved us for a task, and that task is to be an example and reveal God’s wisdom on a cosmic scale. The maturation process is the manner in which the Church will produce mature disciples, able to be used by God for these tasks. Getting here was a bit more difficult. Among my hopes and prayers for the reader is that they were able to follow my thought process and exegesis throughout this process, and that they have an appreciation for the biblical basis of the conclusions reached. I once had a boss who used to say, “The person who knows how will always have a job—working for the person who knows why.” The point is not who works for whom, or who is higher up on the organizational chart (although that may have been part of his point). For me, the point is that the person who knows why is better equipped than the person who just knows how. We need to know both the “how” and the “why.” When God reveals the “why,” that should be something on which we focus. As people saved by grace, reconciled to the one true God, called to reveal His grace, kindness, and wisdom to both the physical and spiritual realms, knowing the “how” and the “why” and becoming better equipped to discharge our re- sponsibilities should be of immense importance to us. Knowing why God saved us and formed the Church completely changed the way I thought about my walk with Christ. I pray it does the same for you.