DISCIPLESHIP living out the mandate of god pete charette DISCIPLESHIP pete charette "Reading the book Discipleship: Living Out God's Mandate for the Church by Pete Charette is like drinking from a fire hose. It is a well thought out tome in less than 250 pages. At a time in western church history where there are many shallow Believers sitting in the pews, Pete calls the Church back to the need for developing mature followers of Christ. A book not for the faint of heart." Aaron Shaw, MDiv Senior Pastor, North Casnovia Baptist Church Bailey, MI A companion guide for the discipler... This is so needed. The importance of the one on one relationship cannot be emphasized enough. Wrestling internally (you and the Spirit) as well as externally with your discipler increases your chance of spiritual growth. Pete lays out a framework that will produce effective disciples. Jason Ross Campus Pastor, Ada Bible Church Kentwood, MI Pete’s faith journey is a testimony to God’s grace and mercy. A former drug addict and dealer, Pete came to saving faith in Christ in 1993. In 1998, Pete moved to Grand Rapids, MI, where he attended Seminary, Pete has personally discipled dozens of people using this book's process. If you’ve ever asked yourself, How should the Church make disciples?, then "Discipleship: Living Out The Mandate of God” is here to help. It will provide the framework of a process that can be used to disciple someone one on one, as well as in a small group setting. eBook eAvailable as an RELIGION/CHRISTIAN LIFE/SPIRITUAL GROWTH