Acknowledgments T here are so many people who have being exceedingly helpful throughout the process of writing this book. First, I would like to thank my spectacular wife, Mary Anne, for supporting me so completely through this arduous task. She kept me on an even keel when things were challenging and rejoiced when God revealed His greatness at various times. This project would not been completed without her. I would also like to thank my two children who are still at home, Dan and Tim. I appreciate you putting up with my mood swings and for working with me to find time to spend together. I owe a great debt to Darryl Sluka. He was so readily avail- able to me, and someone off of whom I could bounce theological thoughts and ideas. His assistance was invaluable. His depth of biblical understanding and wisdom was a resource that I don’t believe I could have done without. His encouragement, coupled with the offering of his perspective was priceless. Great thanks go to Pastor Aaron Shaw at North Casnovia Baptist Church for encouraging me and allowing me to teach through some of this material on Wednesday nights. The op- portunity to teach in this way was a huge help in organizing my thoughts. I also wish to thank Madukhar Bylla of Hyderabad, India, for encouraging me to adapt many of the lessons in this book to fit the needs of the Village Pastoral Ministry in India. I pray that God uses them to encourage and strengthen the brethren there. Most of all, however, I’d like to thank and praise my God and Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, for their