Foreword G od in a Godforsaken Land is a work of historical fiction based upon the missionary endeavors of Pastor August Hertwig and his wife, Elizabeth, in the wilderness coun- ties of western Minnesota during the 1870s and 1880s. Travel- ing by foot or on horseback, they planted seventeen churches in a wide area, many of which are still in existence today. The account is told as a first-person narrative by Pastor Her- twig. The times, locations, and events are historically accurate, however, characters and dialogue have been fictionalized to com- plete the story. The book finds its basis in the writings of Pastor Hertwig and in historical records from the era. The incredible faith and courage of these pioneer missionaries as they brought the Word of Life to the new immigrants in America will inspire the Christian spirit. Credits: As I researched the book I have become deeply indebted to the following: Concordia Historical Institute, St. Louis, Missouri Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, Minnesota (The History Center) Douglas County Historical Society, Alexandria, Minnesota Pope County Historical Society, Glenwood, Minnesota Minnesota North District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Eunice Low family historical records Many thanks to the congregations that were started by Pastor Hertwig for their cooperation in providing historical information.