G O D I N A G O D F O R S A K E N L A N D  11 station, and God led them not only to freedom and a modicum of prosperity, but also to faith. The Kruegers were among the hardy souls who remained in that land and built a future there. God led me to his sheep by various means. How often he worked with people and events that seemed not of God yet worked for the furthering of the kingdom. As I set down the story of my ministry in northwestern Min- nesota, I am compelled to return often to those events of my sec- ond baptism that occurred in the Ottertail River, and to my roots, for God indeed brought me to another world when He planted me in Minnesota. The Ottertail River, where it leaves Rush Lake is quite deep in places. I prayed that God would lead me across that river, and so He did, in His own way. If I had hoped for a parting of the waters, God answered my prayer with some burned posts and a tired old mare with enough tenacity to pull a wagon to shore. Upon my stupidity and inadequacies, God heaped humility. Yet, I sensed God in that early morning sky. “Into Your hands,” I prayed and I trusted. The hardships, the elements, and the loneliness were all there, yet that was my most formative crossing, the event that molded my faith and determination. There also was God.