G O D I N A G O D F O R S A K E N L A N D  17 moil, pushed me away. Yet a new world called to me; I know not why, it stood there like a dream. I knew in my early twenties that I must go, I must travel the ocean; I must see the wonders of the new world. So I booked passage for Baltimore, not realizing in the least what God had in store for me. In fact, I cared little for God; I only floated as a cork upon the sea, tossed where the winds dictated. These were the early crossings in my life which began to prepare me for later crossings, slowly strengthening me spiritually for much more treacherous journeys. God had placed a thought into my head. I kept being drawn back to the passage in Genesis. Even during my youth of indecision, unbelief, and confusion, there was God.